kierownica dodge 2015-2023

Challenger - Charger - Durango
Z automatyczną skrzynią biegów

Every driver should experience comfort and enjoyment while driving a car. The key is a properly configured steering wheel that will allow, among other things, free maneuvering and a firm grip. With us, you can customize virtually every element of your dream steering wheel. The shape is designed in 3D and made with perfect symmetry from materials with properties identical to the original ones. The inner rim also remains original, which has homologation significance. All our handlebars are made of the highest quality materials and the stitching is extremely precise.

Rumor has it that steering wheels from HD-Customs add some horsepower, and the one made for you z pewnością dodada też prestiżu wnętrzu Twojego Dodge. 

Let us know what you dream about.


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