kierownica ford Mustang 2015-2022

Every driver should experience comfort and enjoyment while driving a car. The key is a properly configured steering wheel that will allow, among other things, free maneuvering and a firm grip. With us, you can customize virtually every element of your dream steering wheel. The shape is designed in 3D and made with perfect symmetry from materials with properties identical to the original ones. The inner rim also remains original, which has homologation significance. All our handlebars are made of the highest quality materials and the stitching is extremely precise.

Rumor has it that steering wheels from HD-Customs add some horsepower, and the one made for you is sure to add some prestige to your Mustang's interior as well

Let us know what you dream about

1. Select shape


GT 350


2. select the material in the proper configuration:

Alcantara multilayer - the highest quality original alcantara on the market, used in top brand vehicles like lamborghini. Developed and designed for use in steering wheels. Very durable, aesthetic and easy to clean.

Alcantara Multilayer

Perforated leather - The leather is perforated to allow it to breathe. This allows moisture to be better wicked away.

Smooth leather   - Natural leather is the most durable material. Guarantees hand stabilization and provides a good grip. Increases comfort while riding.

Gładka skóra

3. Select thread color and center stripe color (optional)

Threads - The thread color choices are virtually unlimited. Even if we don't currently have what you're looking for, we will try to add to the collection, just let us know exactly what you need

Center strips - We have basic colors and mostly consistent with Mustang colors (stitching, body).

Można również zrobić mix kilku kolorów. Szycie składa się z trzech nici. Dwie wszyte maszynowo wzdłuż krawędzi przy łączeniu, oraz trzeci łączący dwie pozostałe – szyty ręcznie

4. Complete the information and submit your order:

Once you have chosen your configuration, share your ideas with us and fill in the form below. Let us know whether you will replace the steering wheel yourself or come to us for installation, which is of course free of charge - together we will choose a suitable date.

The price of the steering wheel is 380EUR for replacement. This means that after receiving a new steering wheel, you return the existing one to us. In this way you can immediately drive your stylish Mustang and unnecessary parts will not stay in the garage.

Invest in your comfort and join satisfied customers from all over the world

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